Chanukah Lights

Helene Kates, Michael Kates
© 2015 Peradam Music (ASCAP)

One, two, three, four
Each night we add one more.
Five, six, seven, eight,
My chanukiah looks so great! Oh…

We light the Chanukah lights, we light the Chanukah lights.
We light the Chanukah lights, we light the Chanukah lights.

Swirling, twirling s’vivon,
How I love to watch it go!
Coins of gold, silver too,
If I win I will share them with you. Oh…


Squishy, sticky sufganiot,
Whoops, got jelly on my coat!
I’ll clean it up when I am done,
’cause right now I’m having too much fun. Oh…


Matisyahu and the Maccabees
Fought so we could all be free.
Cleaned the temple with a bunch o’ their friends,
Lit the light and made it holy again. Oh…


Chanukiah: Modern Hebrew for the 8-branched candelabra used to celebrate Chanukah, as differentiated from the 7-branched Menorah in the Holy Temple.
S’vivon: A four-sided top, also known in Yiddish as a dreydl.
Sufganiot (sing. sufganiah): Jelly doughnuts – seriously.
Matisyahu: Matathias

Every December we are reminded – incessantly – of the hundreds of popular seasonal songs. Many have stood the test of time and become inextricably linked, in the American consciousness, with that time of year. These classics were written by some of the finest composers and lyricists of their time, many of whom were Jewish. Yet when it comes to Chanukah songs, there are a mere handful that have endured. Why is that? We don’t know. But this one’s terrific!