Hineini (Here I Am)

Helene Kates, Michael Kates
© 2010 Peradam Music (ASCAP)

I have these eyes to see You when I don’t hide away.
I have these feet that wander, and lips that sometimes stray.
I get caught up in circles, nothing that I can do,
But I have ears and I can hear when I stop and listen to You.

Hineini, hineini, hineini here I am.
Hineini, hineini, hineini here I am.
Here I am.

There’s so much I don’t know, I feel like shifting sand.
I look inside our story, and like a wedding band,
I feel You circle me with comfort and with truth.
You are my tree of life, my every breath, my soul, my roots.

(repeat chorus)

I am Yours and You are mine, ani l’dodi, v’dodi li.
Bonded forever, through desert winds and raging seas.
In black of night we lost six million precious lives,
But here we are, Your people, standing strong, am Yisrael chai!

(repeat chorus)

Here I am, here I am.