Into the Light

Michael Kates
© 2010 Peradam Music (ASCAP)

Well we all need water, and we all need air,
And we all need compassion when life ain’t fair.
Oh, we all need someone, when we wake up at night.
Yeah we’ve all been alone,
Step into the light.

Yeah we’ve all been busted, and we’ve all been accused,
And we all been cheated, set up and used.
Oh, we all know someone who can set things right,
And we all could use a favor,
Step into the light.

Into the light, talk to me.
Yeah, we’ll be each other’s eyes,
So we both can see.

Yeah we all fear the future, and we all miss the past,
And we know that train is coming, and coming fast.
We don’t get no warning, when lightning strikes,
So we all hide somewhere,
Step into the light.

(repeat chorus)

Well we’ve both played with fire, and we’ve both played the fool,
And we’ve each burned the other, you know it’s true.
Yeah, we made bad decisions, got a few things right,
And that sure beats nothing,
Step into the light.