L’cha Dodi

Helene Kates, Michael Kates
© 2004 Peradam Music (ASCAP)

L’cha dodi, likrat kallah,
P’nei Shabbat n’kabbalah.

L’cha dodi, likrat kallah,
P’nei Shabbat n’kabbalah.

Shamor v’zachor b’dibor echad,
Hishmiyanu eil ham’yuchad,
Adoshem echad ush’mo echad,
L’sheim ultiferet v’lit’hila.

(repeat chorus 1x)

Hitor’ri, hitor’ri,
Ki va oreich, kumi ori.
Uri, uri, shir dabeiri,
K’vod Adoshem alayich niglah.

(repeat chorus 1x)

Bo-i v’shalom ateret ba’lah,
Gam b’rina uv’tzahalah,
Toch emuney am s’gulah.
Bo-i chalah, bo-i chala.

(repeat chorus 2x)

Translation: Come, my Beloved, to meet the Bride; let us welcome the Shabbat.

Observe and remember, the one and only G-d caused us to hear in a single utterance; the Lord is One and His Name is One, for renown, for glory, and for praise.

Arouse yourself, arouse yourself, for your light has come; arise, shine. Awake, awake, utter a song, the glory of the Lord is revealed upon you.

Come in peace, O crown of her Husband, both with songs and gladness; among the faithful, the beloved people, come, O Bride, come, O Bride.

Traditional words by R. Shlomo HaLevi Alkabetz (abridged)