Helene Kates, Michael Kates
© 2004 Peradam Music (ASCAP)

We drink our fill from foreign waters,
Turning nickels into dimes,
Sweeping cobwebs from the corners,
Living life by killing time.

Long ago we had a country,
Given to us, not a doubt.
All we were asked was to remember,
But our memory ran out.

Night comes down on Sleepytown,
In our hearts we feel the yearning.
Walking home, laying down,
Yerushalayim we are returning.

At the mercy of the nations,
Beneath the shade of their trees,
’til we’ve overstayed our welcome,
They remind us where we should be.

(repeat chorus)

Sleepytown is not my home,
I know that I can’t stay.
Years in thousands come and gone,
Won’t You bring us home today?

Since the word of creation,
Wheels in motion brought us here.
Days are coming for our nation,
We need redemption now and here.

Sleepytown is coming round,
Stretching arms up to the sky.
Day is here, come dry your tears,
Slumber slipping from our eyes.

For the Jewish people, living in exile has been compared to being in a state of sleep. For the time being we are comfortably dreaming, unaware of certain basic truths. Those being (a) that we are, in fact, asleep, and (b) that where we are is not our home.